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With the ever-changing parts industry, we at HYE-Tech Manufacturing have not strayed from our core belief to offer our customers A better part for lower price.

We continue to set our prices to a more realistic standard in order to confront the ever-increasing cost of replacement parts from both the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) & other part suppliers. Our prices are, and always were, determined based on manufacturing & overhead costs, not arbitrary list prices. An example of this policy can be found in our Rolls-Royce 250 series gearbox cages. Contrary to others (which charge different prices for different dash numbers of the same part) we have one, set price no matter what the dash number. After all, if it did not cost us more to manufacture, why charge you more?

We also did not hesitate to walk into uncharted territories. Besides Honeywell, HYE-Tech is the only other FAA-PMA manufacturer that provides quality replacement parts for Honeywell fuel controls & power turbine governors used on the Rolls-Royce Model 250, PT6 Series and Lycoming LTP & LTS-101 engines. This new market and, our desire to help operators to lower their operating costs, led us into an understanding with Helicopter Engine Repair Overhaul Services, Inc. (H.E.R.O.S., Inc.) where, together, we have lowered the price of your accessory overhauls and repairs. Contact H.E.R.O.S. Inc. (www.herosinc.com) for pricing information.

In 2002, the industry as a whole was a beneficiary to this newfound competition. The year before, Honeywell signed a distribution contract with Aviall, Inc. which was followed by the abolishment of all discounts for overhaul shops. This outrageous policy led to a drastic increase of accessory overhaul costs. Then in 2002, that policy was discontinued and discount rates were re-established. We, at HYE-Tech, would like to think that our PMA parts had something to do with this policy reversal.

HYE-Tech Manufacturing will continue to add parts to our ever-growing parts list & offer them at prices that other part suppliers will not be able to ignore.

So, if you think that competition will keep the OEMs honest, then we ask you to support us with your orders.

Anti-PMA Rhetoric is Wrong; PMA Parts are Valid, Says FAA

By Jason Dickstein

The FAA has issued a special bulletin reminding the industry that PMA parts are perfectly valid for use, and that competitors’ rhetoric questioning FAA-approved PMA parts is contrary to FAA technical findings.

The FAA announcement came in the form of a Special Airworththiness Information Bulletin, or SAIB. The FAA uses SAIB’s as a mechanism for communicating safety information that is valuable, but that falls short of the requirement for issuing an Airworthiness Directive. SAIB’s are meant to alert, educate, and make recommendations to the aviation community. Normally, SAIB’s are issued about specific technical concerns that the FAA has identified.

It is highly unusual for the FAA to answer an industry marketing campaign with a SAIB, but that is what we seem to have here in the August 8th SAIB addressing PMA parts. Various manufacturers have made a variety of commercial statements designed to undermine public confidence on PMA parts. The FAA specifically notes that “some engine manufacturers responded to the FAA’s approval of PMA and STC for parts involving their type design engine models by telling customers that support of their products could be limited if such parts are installed.” The FAA explains that some manufacturers “have included language in the FAA-approved airworthiness limitation section (ALS) of their engine instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) stating that the ICA was developed only for use with their parts.”

By issuing this SAIB, the FAA has said “enough is enough.” The SAIB makes it clear that when the FAA approves a PMA part, they expect that the industry will treat that approval with the respect that a decision of the FAA deserves, and that furthermore such parts are entitled to the full recognition of the FAA’s approval, and it is not up to the engine manufacturer to say that installation of a PMA part is wrong or invalid.

The FAA draws four important conclusions in their SAIB:

PMA Parts are Valid Replacement Parts

FAA-approved TC/PC holder, PMA, and STC parts are interchangeable within the certificated product since they are approved only after a full demonstration of compliance to the applicable requirements of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR). A PMA or STC part, when FAA-approved for installation on a certificated product, is a valid replacement part to the TC/PC holder part according to 14 CFR.

Installation of PMA Parts Does Not Change the Life Limits for the Other Parts In the Assembly

Unless stated otherwise as a limitation to an STC, the FAA has determined and the applicant has shown that FAA-approved life limits established for the TC/PC holder parts remain unchanged for those TC/PC holder parts when PMA or STC parts are installed elsewhere within the product. For example, the life limit for a TC/PC holder disk is unchanged and remains in effect when PMA blades are installed in that disk.

A PMA Holder Has Shown that the ICA's are still Valid OR Has Provided a Supplemental ICA for any Differences
The FAA approves the content of an ALS and ICA based upon its review of the substantiating data provided by an applicant. Applicants for PMA or STC parts are required to assess the ICA requirements. A PMA or STC applicant either shows and states that the product’s ICA are still valid with their part installed or provides a supplemental ICA for any differences.

The full text of the FAA’s Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin is available for review:  SAIB 2008-08-08 (PDF)



Preferred pricing is available on all HYE-Tech parts when you use H.E.R.O.S. Inc. for your engine, accessory and/or fuel system requirements.

Please contact Armen, Blake or Heros for more information.


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FAA’s Special Airworthiness Bulletin:

SAIB 2008-08-08 (PDF)


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