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197498-HT Nut, Self-Locking
2006T07-HT Washer, Flat, Coated
23001928-HT Stud, Shouldered, Stepped 0.500-13UNJS x .3125-24UNJF x 1.564 Lg.
23001929-HT Stud, Shouldered, Stepped 0.375-16UNJF x .3125-24UNJF x 1.564 Lg.
23001946-HT Retaining Ring
23003101-HT Banjo Bolt
23004203-HT Seal, Power Turbine Support
23004204-HT Rear Cover- Power Turbine
23004212-HT Shim, Tabbed-.325 ID x .630 OD x .002 Thick
23004513-HT Seal, Plain, Enclosed
23004514-HT Mating Ring
23008001-HT Shim
23008002-HT Shim
23009572-HT E-Seal, Turbine
23009573-HT Positioning Plug
23030981-HT Nut, Coupling-Power Turbine, Inner (L.H.)
23031922-HT Gearshaft, Spur Adapter
23032283-1HT Pinion Cage
23032283-2HT Pinion Cage
23032283-3HT Pinion Cage
23032283-4HT Pinion Cage
23032283-5HT Pinion Cage
23032283-6HT Pinion Cage
23032283-7HT Pinion Cage
23033399-HT Bolt, Machine-Slab HD., 190-32UNJF x 0.005
23033441-HT  No. 1 Bearing Carbon Seal C20R
23035299-HT Gearshaft Assy., Helical Torquemeter
23037444-HT Seal, Labyrinth-Power Turbine, Rotating
23039030-HT Clamp, Loop Type Support Cushioned
23039175-HT Diaphragm, C20R Bleed Valve
23039909-1HT Bushing
23039909-2HT Bushing
23053191-HT Lever, Anti-Ice Valve
23053299-HT  Torque Meter Gearshaft
23053320-HT Sump Assy., Scav. Oil-External
23056114-HT Seal, Oil Fitting
23056115-HT Seal, Oil Fitting
23059568-1HT Pinion Cage
23059568-2HT Pinion Cage
23059568-3HT Pinion Cage
23059594-HT Ring, Retaining-Internal, 1.244 OD x .060 Thick
23063413-HT Gearshaft, Spur-Gasifier Train, Idler
23071793-HT Retaining Ring, Torque Meter Gear
23072099-HT 2nd Stage Spline Adapter
23073354-HT Diaphragm, Compressor Bleed Valve
23073355-HT Valve, Servo-Compressor Bleed
23073356-HT Valve- Poppet, Compressor Bleed
23090547-HT Labyrinth Seal
2520488-HT Gasket
2520503-HT Bearing, Ball
2520561-HT Roller
2520569-HT Bushing
2520570-HT Rod
2520867-HT Bearing, Ball
2522102-HT Pin, Straight, Headless
2522105-HT Spacer
2523106-HT Screen
2523123-HT Diaphragm
2523214-HT Seat, Cut Off Valve
2523237-HT Bearing, Ball
2523240-HT Bearing, Ball
2523242-HT Spacer
2523280-HT Seat, Valve
2523281-HT Seat, Valve
2523282-HT Seat, Valve
2523333-HT Nut
2523475-HT Gasket
2523549-HT Tube
2523862-HT Weight
2525104-HT Gasket
2525170-HT Bushing
2525171-HT Bushing, Oversize
2525172-HT Bushing, Oversize
2525173-HT Bushing, Oversize
2526146-HT Bearing, Ball
2529153-HT Spring, Helical, Extension
2529242-HT Spring, Helical, Extension
2537508-HT Washer, Spring Tension
2537525-HT Shaft, Shouldered, Eccentric
2537568-HT Ring
2537677-HT Pin, Straight, Headless
2537678-HT Screw
2537747-HT Diaphragm, By-Pass Valve
2537956-HT Pin, Shoulder, Headless
2537958-HT 3/0 Tapered Pin, Split
2537967-HT Pin, Straight, Headless
2538301-HT Cover
2538982-HT Nut
2539034-HT Weight
2539170-HT Lever Assembly, Cam Follower Lever
2539171-HT Cam Follower Lever
2539179-1HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539179-2HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539179-HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539533-1HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539533-2HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539533-HT Bearing, (Sintered)
2539641-HT Spring, Helical, Extension
2539728-HT Seat, Bellows
2540248-HT Shaft
2540601-HT Spring, Helical, Extension
2541865-HT Filter Fitting, Py
2542086-HT By-Pass Valve
2542237-HT Spring, Helical, Extension
2543133-HT Cover Assembly
2543226-HT Cover Assembly
2543391-HT Throttle Shaft, PTG
2543734-HT Drive Bearing
2544026-HT Bypass Valve Retaining Plate
2544027-HT Bypass Valve Screw
2544028-HT Ring, Damper, Bellows
2544098-HT Bushing, Teflon, Split
2625683-HT Bearing, Ball
2666850-11HT Packing, Preformed O Ring
3007T23-HT Seal, Bucket-STG1, Front
3007T24-HT Seal, Bucket-STG1, Rear
3029T64-HT Sleeve-Stator Vane
336132HT 5/0 Tapered Pin, Split
343673-HT Bearing, Ball
343698-HT Pin
366783-HT Washer, Crush
4004T70-HT Lever, Actuating, Inlet Guide Vane
47070-HT Body, Fuel Nozzle
47089-HT Outer Air Shroud, Fuel Nozzle
6728014-HT Sleeve - Coupling
6784419-HT Seal, O-Ring, Metallic .062 Tube x .006 Wall
6808392-HT #7 Bearing Nut
6810357-HT Gear, Spur-Oil Pump Idler
6810448-HT Bushing, Oil Pump
6810498-HT Plug, Oil-Seal, 0.345 OD x 0.180 Long
6820512-HT Shim, 1.400 OD x 1.190 ID
6820651-HT Connector, Oil Pump
6820764-HT Washer, Thrust .962 x 1.500 x .032
6823169-HT Nut, Self Lock -28 900F
6823170-HT Washer-Flat .257 ID x .500 OD x .25
6823260-HT Spacer, .206 ID x .438 OD x .250
6824977-HT Gear-Spur Gasifier Gear Train Idler
6825546-HT Insert
6826835-HT Gear, Spur-Power Train Idler
6828827-HT Nut, Self Locking
6829641-HT #5 Bearing Nut
6829835-HT GPT Idler Gear
6840111-HT Poppet, Valve-Press. Regulator
6840117-HT Tube, Oil Transfer
6840406-HT Nut
6840407-HT #8 Bearing Nut
6840476-HT Screen Assy., Pressure, Oil Fitting
6842095-HT Adapter, Splined
6843356-1HT Bearing Cage, Plain
6843356-2HT Bearing Cage, Plain
6843356-3HT Bearing Cage, Plain
6843356-4HT Bearing Cage, Plain
6843356-5HT Bearing Cage, Plain
6843357-1HT Cage, PTO
6843357-2HT Cage, PTO
6843357-3HT Cage, PTO
6843357-4HT Cage, PTO
6843357-5HT Cage, PTO
6843358-1HT Cage, Bearing-Plain, 1.654 ID x .467 Wide & Oversizes
6843358-2HT Cage, Bearing-Plain, 1.654 ID x .467 Wide & Oversizes
6843358-3HT Cage, Bearing-Plain, 1.654 ID x .467 Wide & Oversizes
6843358-4HT Cage, Bearing-Plain, 1.654 ID x .467 Wide & Oversizes
6843358-5HT Cage, Bearing-Plain, 1.654 ID x .467 Wide & Oversizes
6843360-1HT Cage, GP Idler
6843360-2HT Cage, GP Idler
6843360-3HT Cage, GP Idler
6843360-4HT Cage, GP Idler
6843360-5HT Cage, GP Idler
6843361-1HT Bearing Cage
6843361-2HT Bearing Cage
6843361-3HT Bearing Cage
6843361-4HT Bearing Cage
6843361-5HT Bearing Cage
6843362-1HT Bearing Cage
6843362-2HT Bearing Cage
6843362-3HT Bearing Cage
6843362-4HT Bearing Cage
6843362-5HT Bearing Cage
6843363-1HT Bearing Cage
6843363-2HT Bearing Cage
6843363-3HT Bearing Cage
6843363-4HT Bearing Cage
6843363-5HT Bearing Cage
6844007-HT Shaft, Bronze
6844043-HT Tube
6844169-HT Tube Assy, Fuel Control to Fire Shield
6844422-HT Damper Segment
6845867-HT Gear, Spur Oil Pump Idler
6848471-HT Tube Assy., Pressure, Oil Check Valver to Fire Shield
6848473-HT Tube Assy, Fuel Control to Pump
6848474-HT Tube Assy, Fuel Pump to Control
6849568-0805HT Bolt, Case Halves
6851501-160HT Packing
6851530-HT #4 Nozzle Seal
6852176-HT Anti Ice Valve Guide
6853446-HT Shaft, Bronze
6853448-HT Gearshaft Assy., Spur-Oil Pump & Gasifier Tach.
6853449-HT Gear Spur-Oil Pump Idler
6853455-HT Tube, Oil Transfer
6853463-HT Tube Assy, Scav Oil-Gasifier Turbine Support to Accessory Hsg
6853464-HT Tube Assy, External Sump to Accessory Housing
6854936-HT Insert, Screw THD Flanged .4375-20 x .281 I.D.
6855344-HT Gear, Spur-Oil Pump Drive
6856984-HT Anti-Ice Valve Body
6856986-HT Poppet Valve Assy
6856987-HT Poppet Valve
6857285-HT Tube Assy., Scav Oil-Frt Support to Accessory Housing
6859172-HT Tube Assy, Fuel Control to Pump
6859177-HT Tube Assy, Fuel Pump to Control
6859880-HT Nut, Case Halves
6870035-HT Tube Assy, Air-Power Turbine Governor to Control.
6870736-HT Split Ring
6870737-HT Split Ring
6870740-HT Tube Assy., Oil Filter-Inlet
6870813-HT Vane Assy., Diffuser
6870832-HT Power Turbine Coupling
6871461-HT Tube Assy, Air-Fuel Control to Regulator Pressure
6871473-HT Tube Assy, Anti-Ice-RH
6871504-HT Washer
6871534-HT Plug, Mach Thread Magnetic .500-28 x .500-20
6871658-HT Washer
6871937-HT Tube Assy, Oil-Access Hsg to Check Valve
6873905-HT Ring, Retaining-INT., .219 OD x.016 Wire Dia. CRES-AMS 5688
6874725-HT Diaphragm
6874727-HT Seat
6874729-HT Spring
6874815-HT Cover, Compressor Bleed Valve
6874816-HT Valve
6874817-HT Filter
6874818-HT Nozzle, Bleed Valve
6874924-0HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-1HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-2HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-3HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-4HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-5HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-6HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-7HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-8HT Orifice, Compressor
6874924-9HT Orifice, Compressor
6875011-HT Insert, Screw
6875248-HT Insert, Scrol
6875491-HT Seal, Mating Ring
6875736-HT Retaining Ring
6876030-HT Stud, Shouldered
6876294-HT Tube Assy, Air-Bleed Valve
6876333-HT Tube Assy., Anti-Ice Left Hand
6876529-HT Gearshaft, Fuel Cont-Oil Pump
6876542-HT Tube Assy, Air Pc Filter to PT Gov Tee
6876741-HT Stud, Welding-Percussion .190-32 UNJF-3A
6876872-HT Seal, Labyrinth Rear Compressor Bearing (Rotating)
6876878-HT #2 Bearing Nut
6876925-HT Tube, Oil Inlet
6877277-HT Tube Assy, Press. Fuel Control to Accumulator
6877736-1HT #8 Bearing Cage
6877736-2HT #8 Bearing Cage
6886435-HT Cupwasher, Spanner Nut Lock, .970 Dia
6886436-HT Pin, Headed-Torquemeter, Shaft
6886446-HT Support, Shaft- Torquemeter
6887139-HT Gear, Spur-Oil Pump Idler
6888529-HT Gearshaft Starter-Generator
6888621-HT Pin
6889096-HT Split Seal, C28/C3
6889316-HT Cage Bearing-Plain 62mm I.D. x 16mm Wide
6889700-HT Gear, Helical-Power Train Drive
6889814-HT Body, Compressor Bleed Valve
6890035-HT Ring, Nozzle, Turbine 4th Stage
6890040-HT #1 Nozzle Shield
6890044-HT Plug-.806 OD .250 Long
6890909-66HT Jet
6892069-HT Bushing, Flanged .600 OD x .490 ID
6892287-HT Cage Bearing-Plain 1.654 I.D. x 0.467 Wide (& Oversize)
6893483-HT Bellows Assembly, Series III & IV Bleed Valve
6893676-HT Deflector, Turbine Nozzle Shield Assembly, First Stage
6895180-HT Guide-Valve Bushing
6896098-HT 19-24 Seal, Rotating
6896194-HT Seat-Compressor Bleed Valve
6896347-HT Strainer Assy, Compressor Bleed Valve
6896437-HT Gearshaft-Spur Fuel Control & Oil Pump
6898577-1HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-2HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-3HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-4HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-5HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-6HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-7HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore
6898577-HT Bushing, Torquemeter Bore Gearbox Cover
6898657-HT Ring, Seal-Comp Disch Tube
6898764-HT #5 Bearing Carbon Seal
6898784-HT Adapter, Splined- Turbine 2nd Stage
6898977-HT Gas Producer Turbine Coupling
6898986-HT Restrictor, Oil Pressure Reducer
6898987-HT Body, Oil Pressure Reducer
6898989-HT Reducer Assy., Oil Pressure
6899049-HT Bushing-Body, Comp. Bleed Valve
6899402-HT Gearshaft Assy., Helical-PTO
839B189-HT Washer, Lock-Bearing
839B313-HT Washer, Lock-#2 Bearing
911241-HT Washer
93030-35HT Face Seal Assembly
951190-HT Pin, Straight, Headless
953505-120HT Screw, Superseded by 2544027HT


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